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We provide a complete range of turn-key services that help take away the stress of transitioning into a new lifestyle and love where you live.

At Senior Transitions of Austin, we provide the best possible experience with your next lifestyle transition. Let us take away the stress and do the work for you. 

Let's Begin
We will begin by meeting with you personally to gain a better understanding of your current home and lifestyle. 
Careful Analysis
We will listen carefully to your future wants and needs as well as your budget and time frame.  We will then analyze your new space and craft a detailed plan to determine what will move with you and present options for items you are parting with. 
New Furnishings?
If you would like new furnishings, we can shop with you or for you to find the perfect items for your new space.  Also, we can professionally stage your existing home and even help you find a Realtor if you do not already have one. 
The Moving Process
With our experience and local expertise, we can guide you through each step of your moving process. Our team will fully coordinate the packing and moving process so you remain stress free. 
Setting Up
On your move day we will direct the movers, unpack, set-up, and tastefully decorate your new space to make sure you feel at home and love where you live.
Welcome Home!
When you arrive the furniture will be arranged, beds made, kitchen and bathrooms set up, and pictures hung; so we can proudly say, "Welcome to your new home!"


We acknowledge that the client has had many years to accumulate lifetime possessions. Maybe those possessions are getting in the way of your lifestyle. We can help organize and sort through the clutter so you can enjoy your living spaces again.

If you are moving, we can help downsize and determine which items to give to a loved one, sell, or donate to a charity of your choice.


We are very knowledgeable when it comes to estimating the size of a job. We are responsible for securing all packing materials needed for the move.

Our staff is skilled on the art of packing and unpacking to ensure all valuables are handled with the utmost care.


Based on your timelines, we secure the insured movers and handle all logistics - whether you are moving across town or the country.


During move day, we orchestrate everything from start to finish. Tasks such as coordinating with the movers for pickup and delivery while staying in communication with them until all services are fully rendered.

If you have pets, we can arrange for care during your transition to help alleviate unnecessary distress.


We can meet with you at your new home to take precise measurements of your living spaces for design and planning purposes. If meeting at your new home is not possible, we can work with your builders or senior living facilities to obtain a floor plan.


Once we either create or obtain a floor plan of your new living space, we then sit down with you and start to design the layout of your furniture. If you need help shopping for a new piece of furniture to fit that perfect space, we can help with that too.


Members of our staff are certified interior decorators. There is no cost to you, but it provides an additional benefit when setting up your new home.


If you need assistance with pictures and artwork being hung, we can help. When we measure your new home and create a custom floor plan, we take all things into consideration and display your pieces of art to its fullest potential.


Need more room to hang your clothes or store your shoes? We can help design the closet shelving for your space and have it installed.


Despite all the planning that goes towards moving into your new home, sometimes you may decide that you do not want a particular item in your new space. We can help you donate items to the charity of your choice.


We haul off any unwanted trash during your transition. Our goal is to have you move into your new home clutter free, and love where you live.


Have you run across an old box of unwanted bills, statements, or invoices? We can coordinate to have your documents professionally shredded.


If any items need to be shipped to family members before, during, or after your move - our staff can assist. We will securely package your items and then take them to the courier for shipment. We will then give you the receipt and any tracking numbers (if applicable).


Do you need floors swept? Windows or bathrooms cleaned? Refrigerators and freezers emptied? We can help.


Do you need a patio or driveway power washed? Flower beds cleaned out or mulched? Grass cut one final time before you give your old keys to the new owner? We can do that too.


We work closely with realtors by helping their clientele prepare homes to be listed on the MLS in a timely manner.
Let Senior Transitions of Austin do the work for you!

Let Senior Transitions of Austin help guide you or your loved ones through each step of your moving process. We guarantee remarkable service, quality, and care for all of our clients.
A Few Words From Our Clients
We take pride in making sure that you and your loved ones have a stress free and seamless experience from start to finish. Let us help you transition today!
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